Telephone Booking- Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Telephone Sessions)

Your Counsellor

Your counsellor is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner and is an accredited member of a professional organisation called the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What is Counselling?

The main modality of counselling used is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Brief Solution Focused Therapy. Counselling will help you explore difficulties you may have and assist you to identify ways to move forward. There may be times when it is appropriate to explore your past experiences, as this can give an indication of how you react to the world in the here and now. If the counsellor feels you would benefit from long term face to face counselling they will discuss this with you and wherever possible assist you to find some further help.

The first session is an assessment session where you will be expected to answer questions as honestly and as comfortably as you can. It is vital that you cooperate with any information needed, as the accuracy of information you provide your therapist can affect the outcome of your therapy. Before your first session you should have the following information available:

  • Previous and current mental health history, including any suicidal thoughts or attempts.
  • Current medication that could interfere with the counselling process.
  • Any other information you feel will assist the counsellor.


How often will sessions take place?

You are encouraged to book a block of sessions for continuity purposes. If this is the case we will endeavour to complete them weekly unless there is illness or annual leave booked for either party. If you do not use your booked sessions within 3 months of booking In Search of Self Ltd reserves the right to withdraw sessions and the sessions will be lost.

Are there any side effects?

Each person is different. Some client’s report that they may feel upset during the process; as facing things they have previously put to the back of their mind can be difficult. It is important that you take care of yourself between sessions and if you have any concerns speak to your counsellor directly. The responsibility for change rests entirely with you (the client). Your Counsellor will do everything possible to support you. Your Counsellor cannot make any changes for you therefore it is your responsibility to utilise the knowledge learnt in the sessions and apply it to your future decision making.  You are responsible for the cause of all change in your life. Your Counsellor will work with you to identify solutions and offer suggestions, options and COUNSELLING based on their own personal experience, training and the information you give them.  All decisions and courses of action are entirely yours and you accept full responsibility for such decisions and action.  You should always carefully evaluate the consequences of various options prior to acting upon your decisions.

Will the sessions remain confidential?

The counsellor will not discuss you with anyone other than their clinical supervisor, or in the event of emergencies or presence of risk the appropriate health professional or organisation. Please note that health professionals have a duty to keep you and the public safe, therefore any disclosure that may indicate you are at risk of harm, or others may be at risk cannot be taken lightly. In these circumstances the counsellor will reserve the right to inform the appropriate organisation or person.  This list includes (but is not exhaustive) The Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989, The Drug Trafficking Act 1986, The Protection of Vulnerable Adults Act 1984, The Protection of Children Act 1999 and the Road Traffic Act 1988. It also includes contacting your GP if there is a relevant clinical decision for doing so.


If you are unable to attend a session you are asked to give 24 hours’ notice within normal working hours, in order not to forfeit that session. Please note this does not include Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays. For example, if you wish to cancel an appointment scheduled for Monday morning you must notify the counsellor before Friday morning on the previous Friday (or Thursday if the bank holiday is a Friday). If you fail to give 24 hours’ notice the session will deducted from the total sessions purchased.

  • Initial Cancellation Period

If you wish to cancel the agreement and payments within 5 business days of the date of payment you may do so for a full (100%) refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products delivered or Paypal fees incurred.  Refunds may take up to 21 days to process after notice of cancellation.

•    Notice of Cancellation

All notices of cancellation must be in writing and emailed to Voicemail, text and verbal correspondence do not constitute acceptable cancellation notice. In the event of cancellation, you will forfeit PayPal fees accrued in respect of processing payments according to the Paypal rate on the day of cancellation. Cancellation notice will be deemed to be the date on which In Search of Self Ltd receives the written notification.  Should you ( the client) fail to notify In Search of Self Ltd in writing of cancellation of appointments there will be no refunds, credits or transfers available.
Once you have agreed a block of sessions you will not be able to pause your account during any part of the term. All entitlements to the session will cease 3 months from the date of the first agreed session or the date of payment.

Payment Plans

No payment plan options are available and this will mean that each session will be need to be prepaid.

Session schedule changes

Counsellor rescheduling

In Search of Self Ltd reserves, the right to change, modify or cancel a session as considered necessary.  Any such change will be made in consultation with you and no claims and against In Search of Self for rescheduling sessions can be made.

Client rescheduling

Clients can reschedule sessions via text, telephone or email giving 24 hours’ notice a per the cancellation policy  .

Cancellation by mutual agreement

If at any time either the Client or Counsellor believe that the COUNSELLING sessions and agreement are no longer serving the needs of the Client they may initiate a discussion to rectify the situation prior to cancelling the sessions.  Initial contact should be through email wherein the Client or Counsellor detail their beliefs and reasons for such beliefs.  A discussion will then occur between the Client and Counsellor to resolve any issues and determine resolution.  If after discussion both parties agree the resolution to be termination of the agreement then a refund of any amount paid for unused services will be given to the Client within seven (7) business days. If the client fails to discuss this and merely decides to ignore calls from the counsellor 3 attempts will be made by voicemail or text and after 3 attempts the counsellor will invite the client to resume contact within 7 days asking the client to take the responsibility to either contact by e-mail or discuss with the counsellor . If no such contact occurs the case file will be closed and no refund for remaining sessions will be given.


All material relating to discussion is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. The copyright in all such materials remains the property of their owners and may not be recorded, used or reproduced, without the written permission of the copyright owner. You agree not, at any time, to do anything that would infringe the intellectual property rights in such materials.


The undersigned agrees to release In Search of Self  Ltd, its officers, employees and representatives and their respective heirs, successors and assigns form any claims which the undersigned may otherwise have been arising out of or in any way related to participation in the COUNSELLING  and harmless from any loss or liability from actions taken or situations created as a results of the COUNSELLING  sessions or relationship.  You understand that all action taken is performed voluntarily. Clients should seek independent professional advice before undertaking any physical, business or investment actions.


By entering into a COUNSELLING Agreement either through ticking the terms and conditions or paying any amount to In Search of Self Ltd for COUNSELLING  Services you agree to abide by the terms and conditions.