We all have times when we are worried about something or we just can’t get something off our mind. Have you ever gone t bed and replayed a specific scenario or situation over and over in oyur head until it bothers you so much you can’t sleep or you can’t switch it off.

To manage these thoughts or intrusions we can employ a series of techniques. Each perosn is unique and what might be helpful for you may not be helpful for another person. It is wirth noting when trying these techniques that if it doesn’t work for you , all is not lost its just you may react differently and experimenting with  different techniques will help you find whats good for you.

Let me give you the example of a doctor who prescribes a tablet. The doctor might find that certain patients don’t react well to one particular tablet but they do to another. Self hep pr self guided techniques are similar. For the purpose of todays guided imagery , lets look  at the blackboard technique.

I would like you are having an intrusive or a negative thought .

1) Close your eyes and imagine you are writing the thought on a blackboard.

2) Now take the board rubber and rub it out, clean the board.

Repeat this until you find yourself distracted or another thought replaces the thought you had written on the board.

This technique can also be helpful if you are a worrier and are worrying and fixated on a specific topic or situation.