Many people suffer from racing thoughts. The technical term for this is Cognitive Dissonance. In lay mens terms Cognitive Dissonance is a series of thoughts which may cause you to feel confused and sometimes unable to cope.

So how can a person manage  or even stop their racing thoughts?

Well interestingly enough a human can only think one thought at a time but it can feel that the thoughts are jumbled up or coming all at once.

Often many different thoughts will link to the same problem even if you don’t first think this is the case.

The first step to managing or controlling your thoughts is to monitor what the thoughts are saying.  Once you have done this, you will be able to analyse whether the thoughts are linked to a specific problem or whether you are having different thoughts but essentially they all mean the same thing.

Exercise for monitoring thoughts

1) Self expression

Using a mobile phone or a recording device , speak out the thoughts you are experiencing. Do not censor them just let them flow. Say the thoughts as they go through your mind. At this stage do not try to analyse the thoughts, just let them flow and keep flowing until you feel you have enough material to play the recording.

Revisit the recording and write down the thoughts on a piece of paper.

Once this is done have analyse whether the thoughts are similar or if there is a pattern to them that might be fuelling a negative downward spiral.

2) Listing the thoughts

With a piece of paper and a pen , sit in a quiet space and let your mind flow. As your mind thinks about a situation write down everything that you are thinking….. BE HONEST ….write them all down no matter how big ,bad or ugly they are. Once you have done this exercise revisit the list and look for patterns of thinking. Are  the thoughts are similar or do they link together.

You are looking for a HOT thought ….. we will discuss this in more details tomorrow.