Certain foods, drinks and siutations can stop us sleeping.

  • Alcohol -Contrary to popular belief alcohol does not enable us to have  a good sleep. Alcohol irritates the nervous system thus causing hypersensitivity and preventing relaxation.
  • Caffeine – stimulates the nervous system. You should aim to reduce your caffeine intake early evening. Caffeine stays in the body for an average of 2-5 hors after consumption.
  • Tea -tea contains a caffeine that effects sleep. Most people are astounded when I tell them this. If you have a heart problem avoiding tea as well as coffee may be advised by your consultant.
  • Food – not only certain types of food may affect you but either being too full or bloated or being hungry can cause you to have a broken nights sleep. Make sure you eat until you are comfortable if you are hungry late evening. Try to choose a light meal.
  • Stress – stress can cause negative thoughts or worries. Make sure you keep a pad of paper next to the bed to write down thoughts or worries you may have. If you are worried about stuff you have to do at the office,e-mail yourself at the office with a reminder to yourself . When you open your mail in the morning the list of to do’s will be right there in your inbox.
  • Cigarettes -cigarettes cause psychological and physical cravings. some people wake during the night for to top up their nicotine fix.
  • Full bladder – if you want to go to toilet you will not settle and sleep. go to the toilet before bed even if you don’t have the urge to , not only will you be physically more comfortable but you will also psychologically relax because you have been.
  • Bad routine– our body is a clever machine. Just as we produce adrenaline to fight and run we need to reverse this process and let our bodies recognise relaxation is about to take place. this increases serotonin which assists regulation of sleep. Try to have a good routine before bed. Play soft music, dim the lights, avoid watching TV, do some relaxation techniques, count backwards.