What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a form of mediation where you focus on what is going on for you by monitoring what is really happening in the moment. It is a bit like listening to your instinct and listening to your inner voice.

Why would someone want to listen to their inner voice?

There are many benefits to monitoring your thoughts or inner voice, many people are unaware of the scripts they are using which can hold them back or put obstacles in the way of personal development on the journey of being in search of the self.

What are the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

1) An ability to monitor ones thoughts and feelings which affects the way we react to situations.

2) By searching for the inner self a person can be more in tune, and judgements will become more valid and real.

3) Improved concentration

4)Ability to remain calm in difficult situations.

5) Increased confidence

6) Ability to manage stress

7) A physical and mental state of well being

8) Some people report feeling more energised

9)Ability to understand oneself

10) Being more in touch with reality

With practice mindfulness can become part of daily life and be integrated into your daily routine. Mindfulness can be done at your desk if you are suffering stresses at work , or anywhere you wish too. Mindfulness is becoming more aware of your surroundings rather than switching off, it is therefore a very useful exercise to practice in daily life.